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Bridging the Gap in real estate

Being a real estate sales agent, I recently realized that technology is influencing the way I interact with my daily clients in a big way. Most of them want more detailed information about properties listed for sale to enable them make informed investment decisions, and get value for the huge sums they invest. Besides property information customers also need information regarding the market nature and the emerging issues in real estate properties as well as the future of real estate.

However, most of the specific information they seek regarding real estate especially in Nairobi is not availed in totality and in a way that would help customers make better decisions, and as result they have to hire brokers to act on their behalf. It’s also important to note that the brokers in Nairobi are very expensive and ultimately exploit them. Most property sellers online seem to be interested in making sales and forgetting the interests of their customers. In my opinion I think customers would be more confident making decisions after they have had all the necessary information they need.

How then can property developers and sellers ensure that they provide customers with the relevant information and in abundance?

 The answer is simple. They need to be experts in digital marketing and create useful and high-quality content for their desired customers. If customers have access to market information regarding properties listed for sale, It will reduce the time and resources spend in purchasing or selling properties.

Personally, I have taken an initiative to educate myself on digital marketing just to make sure that I have the necessary skills I need to prepare specific and high-quality content to inform my customers. I am currently pursuing a Nanodegree in digital marketing at so far, I can comfortably say that it worth it. My social media marketing skills are improving and I have also learnt a lot about content creation and I’m eager to learn more.

Finally, information and data are key when it comes to all sorts of marketing and every marketer should find it necessary to equip themselves with digital marketing skills, which will be a boost to their daily work as well as ensuring customers are well supplied with quality information.

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40×80 Corner plot Suitable for residential apartment Kasarani-clay city. Sewer line connection kes.7m


50×100 plots for Kshs 800,000 a long kangundo road.

Ready title deeds Gated estate concept 3km from main road Fully serviced Ready for settlement Close to social amenities